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Optimize your logistics order picking processes with the Generalscan barcode scanners

  30-08-2023     Comments (0)

Optimize your logistics order picking processes with the Generalscan barcode scanners In the world of logistics and order picking, where accuracy and speed are the keys to success, barcode scanners play a vital role in streamlining these complex processes. Generalscan, a renowned name in automatic data collection, is proud to introduce the GS barcode scanners. These advanced scanners promise not only to compete with the best, but also to help logistics companies take their efficiency and accuracy to new heights. The Generalscan GS barcode scanners offer several advantages that set them apart from their competitors, especially when it comes to use in logistics operations and order picking. 1. Hands-free Working: One of the most outstanding features of the GS barcode scanners is the hands-free mode. This feature is invaluable for logisticians who often need both hands to handle and move products. The annular...

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Interroll spare parts

  TBWB     14-02-2022     Comments (0)

Interroll spare parts Interroll motorized drive roller M8 and M12 conveyors in logistics. TBWB supplies Interroll spare parts quickly and at competitive prices. We can also specialize in motorized drive rollers with and without control card. Ask us about the prices! You can email us at: sales@tbwb.nl Productomschrijving De Interroll EC310 serie gemotoriseerde aandrijfrol met besturingskaart heeft een lengte van 600 mm en een diameter van 50 mm. Deze aangedreven rol heeft een overbrengingsverhouding van 24:1 en de schroefdraadmaat is M8, M12. Het heeft een verbeterd, lichtgewicht ontwerp dat ook een geheel nieuwe behuizing en connector bevat. Het is geschikt voor een breed scala aan toepassingen. Opmerking: De geluidsniveauwaarde kan variëren afhankelijk van de installatieomstandigheden, profielvormen en het resonantiegedrag van het...

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Logistics automation

TBWB has been active in the automation of internal logistics systems and processes for more than 40 years. Whether it concerns automated conveyor belts or the complete storage of pallets, boxes or crates ... TBWB provides the solution.

Automatic storage systems

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