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Generalscan GS R1120 1D - Barcodescanner
The best-in-class 1D laser scanner, the R1120 is solidly built with state-of-the-art 1D scanning performance and scanning range
€ 288,00
Generalscan GS R1521 2D - Barcodescanner
The R1521 2D barcodescanner a compact, lightweight, hands-free 2D wearable scanner that significantly enhances productivity in a cost-effective manner.
€ 253,00
Generalscan GS R3521 2D - Barcodescanner
Generalscan GS R3521 Barcode Scanner is a 2D portable scanner that enables high-performance scanning of printed and mobile barcodes.
€ 408,00
Generalscan GS R5524 2D - Barcodescanner
Generalscan GS R5524 Barcode Scanner with Zebra Engine SE4710 scans all your barcodes, 1D or 2D barcodes in milliseconds FASTER THAN EVER.
€ 1.001,00

Logistics automation

TBWB has been active in the automation of internal logistics systems and processes for more than 40 years. Whether it concerns automated conveyor belts or the complete storage of pallets, boxes or crates ... TBWB provides the solution.

Automatic storage systems

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