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LCP Plug & Play Conveyor


The LCP Plug & Play Conveyor is our solution for transporting goods with a low weight. Predefined lengths, widths and heights are available, the system can be used as a plug & play or PLC solution because every LCP has "Main Controls". The speed is preselected via the motor selection. The conveyor belt is delivered pre-configured - cables, sensors, control system and the belt are already mounted and tensioned. Both the position of the control and the height of the legs can be selected as desired, so that you can easily implement slopes and descents with this solution. The minimum size of OBC is 80x80x20 mm and maximum 600x600x600 mm.

LCP specifications:

- The products are of high quality
- Every LCP conveyor and/or transfer is supplied with main control as standard
- Every LCP conveyor and/or transfer has 2 sets of low legs and 2 standard sideguides and is "ready to use"
- Each LCP main control is supplied with a 3 meter power cable of 400 volts and 16 amps plug
- 4 Weeks delivery time
- Modularity, flexibility and scalability thanks to smooth interfaces
- Easy to install and easy to operate, Plug & Play
- Available widths: 320 mm, 420 mm, 620 mm
- Available lengths: 1,000 mm, 2,000 mm, 3,000 mm
- Transported transport weight: Small: 0 to 25 kg (0.11 to 0.92 m/s) Large: 25 to 50 kg (0.11 to 0.40 m/s)
- Ambient temperature: +5 to +40°C
- Humidity: 93%
- Operating environment: IP22
- Incline/descent: Max. 18°
- Sound level: Leq < 60 db(A)
- Interroll's LCP series is CE certified


LCP Adjustable Height Side-Guides
There are two different types of side guides, namely the standard low guides and the flexible (height-adjustable) high guides
€ 352,00
LCP Bridges
The bridges for the LCP with built-in rollers ensure a smooth transfer between LCP conveyors. Available in 3 different widths (320, 420, 620 mm)
€ 246,00
LCP Conveyor Legs
Support legs 3 mm powder coated steel. Available in 3 widths (320,420,620 mm) and 3 different heights (low, medium, high)
€ 304,00
LCP Conveyor Transfer (Plug & Play)
The Interroll LCP Transfer Conveyor is available in a combination of three widths and one length (1500 mm). Includes standard side guides, low legs and main control.
€ 4.911,00
LCP Standard Side-Guides
These are the standard side guides. These are supplied as standard with every LCP conveyor or transfer.
€ 143,00
LCP Straight Conveyor (Plug & Play)
Interroll's LCP Straight Conveyors come with adjustable side guides as standard, a set of low legs and are equipped with main controls. Ready to use!
€ 3.772,00

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