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Pick to Light

With Pick to Light (PTL) you make order picking in your warehouse even easier. TBWB offers a wide range of solutions with PTL applications.

With a Pick-to-Light system, every warehouse employee can get to work quickly. It is paperless and reduces the chance of errors.

Pick-to-Light is particularly interesting for order picking of small goods in flow racks or shelves, where smaller locations are close to each other and the pick density is high to very high. Pick-to-Light indicates with lights where the order picker should be. Warehouses with a Pick-to-Light concept are preferably divided into zones, each with its own order picker. In combination with a roller conveyor or conveyor belt, the orders are collected — across different zones.

At the start of the order pick run, the order picker scans the order number. Then all the lights within the zone where picking is to take place will light up.
The display of the relevant pick location shows how many pieces have to be picked. The execution of the order is confirmed at the push of a button.

Are you interested in our Pick-to-Light system? Please contact us for a quote. Mail us at: sales@tbwb.nl

Logistics automation

TBWB has been active in the automation of internal logistics systems and processes for more than 40 years. Whether it concerns automated conveyor belts or the complete storage of pallets, boxes or crates ... TBWB provides the solution.

Automatic storage systems

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