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Generalscan Extra Battery
Generalscan Battery especially for the ring scanner series. To ensure that our customers continue their business, replaceable batteries are available in all products.
€ 20,00
Generalscan Wearable Armband
Weareable armband, compatible with most smartphones and tablets
€ 29,50
GS Battery slot charger
GS R1000 Battery 2 slot charger
€ 27,95
GS Magnetic charging cable
Magnetic adhesion charging cable, compatible with Generalscan barcodescanners
€ 14,95
GS R1000 Series Battery
GS R1000 Series Battery
€ 12,95
Handgrip for Generalscan Mini Scanners Barcode Scanners
Handy handle accessory for Generalscan BT mini scanners barcode scanners. including USB cable.
€ 49,95
QI wireless charging pad
QI wireless charging pad for GS R5000 serieus
€ 19,95
Wearable Armband Kits AB1000
Wereable armband, compatible with most smartphones or tablets
€ 79,00

Logistics automation

TBWB has been active in the automation of internal logistics systems and processes for more than 40 years. Whether it concerns automated conveyor belts or the complete storage of pallets, boxes or crates ... TBWB provides the solution.

Automatic storage systems

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